Experience the convenience of a single AI solution that handles it all

Reduce valuable time, effort and cost with CX-G, a generative AI workflow automation solution that will transform your customer service operations.

CX-G actively engages with customers, generates tailored responses and effortlessly carries out the workload from beginning to end, ensuring an unparalleled customer experience like never before.

Workflow Automation

Generative AI

Data Management

Multiple Channels – One AI

All In One Place

Discover the capabilities of a single, centralized AI platform that effortlessly manages all your customer communication channels, such as phone, email, social media and chat.

With CX-G, you can elevate your operations by streamlining data exchange and ensuring that your customers receive the same level of service across all channels.

Improve the customer journey

Work Smarter, Not Harder

CX-G, goes beyond just handling customer inquiries. It carries out entire workflows round the clock, automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual labor by up to 50%, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Embrace cost-effective measures by shifting staff priorities to concentrate on training the AI for performance improvement and enhancing the overall customer journey.

From start to finish

Automation Through AI

From capturing and routing written inquiries to generating AI responses, CX-G ensures a smooth and efficient workflow from start to finish. It becomes your tireless team member, following organizational specific workflows by leveraging the internal collective knowledge base to generate intelligent responses and resolutions.

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