We Are Nexcom.

A team of dedicated tech architects and business whizzes working closely together to help companies of all shapes and sizes deliver consistent, high-standard service experiences to their customers.

Nexcom: Better Customer Service, Less Effort

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Learn about what we do, and how we do it.

We design and deliver big data-driven, AI-powered software platforms that enable companies to automate routine tasks, monitor agent and system performance, and become more time-efficient. We help improve productivity, gain more operational knowledge, make informed decisions, and ultimately deliver better service.

What matters to us

We love CX. If everyone loved CX as much as we do, the world would be a much better place.

We always set clear and ambitious targets, we challenge each other for the better and grow as we go. We aim to develop and deliver top-drawer solutions – and ultimately build a brand based on trust, transparency, and quality.

The important thing for us is that the end-customers experience a fast high-quality service and feel important and appreciated. When the end-customer is happy, our customers are happy. And when our customers strive, we strive.

We’re CX geeks with a cause – and we’re proud of it!

Where to find us

We are currently present in Denmark (HQ), the United States, UK, Germany, and Sweden – and have global connectivity adding value to companies all over the world.

As per January 2021, Nexcom A/S is listed on the Nasdaq First North stock exchange.

Meet the team

Our Management

Get to know our passionate team of CX experts.

Rolf Gordon Adamson

Chief Executive Officer

Before founding Nexcom, Rolf was part of YouSee’s Executive Board as Senior Vice President of TDC Group. Previously, he worked as Regional Director of COPC in Europe. Rolf is also member of the Board of Unisteel A/S.

Gena Speakmon

Chief Customer Officer

Before joining Nexcom, Gena worked as a COPC Consultant specializing in quality process re-engineering and product management. As Senior Product Leader, she led the design, development, and successful sale of a quality best practice SaaS product.

David Chippendale

Chief Technology Officer

Before joining Nexcom, David was the CEO of Chip Studio, a software vendor of COPC Inc., the United States Air Force, and laboratory research. David has extensive knowledge of building commercial AIs, system architecture, and SaaS product development.

Our Board

Christian Hein Nielsen

Chair of the Board

Since 2022, Christian has been Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Saphe. Prior to this position, Christian was Director of Operations in Telenor, an organization he held various management position within covering a period of 17 years. Christian brings with him a vast knowledge and experience of customer management, cross channel customer experience and support systems & processes as well as more than 14 years of management experience leading multifunctional teams and working internationally within the Telenor Group. Christian holds both a M.Sc. in Financing, as well as a B.Sc. in Business Economics from Aalborg University.

Pia Riise

Board member

Since 2022 Pia has been Chief Financial Officer (Interim) at KLIFO. Previously, Pia has held positions as CFO for NNIT, IBM, SONY, IKEA Food Supply, and Schneider Electric. Also, Pia is a mentor for talented women in Technology and has been Chair of the Board & Board member of several legal entities of Schneider Electric. Pia brings significant international experience from Europe and Asia Pacific, and adds value to Nexcom with her finance and compliance expertise.

Charlotte Enlund

Board member

Since 2019, Charlotte has been Vice President, Digital Health Solutions at the global leading MedTech company Getinge. Prior to this position, Charlotte was Chief Operating Officer at FlexLink, a global provider within industrial automation. Charlotte holds board positions at Mathem – Sweden’s leading online grocery retailer – and at ReVibe. Charlotte brings years of experience from technology, operations and leadership to Nexcom.

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