AI in the customer experience is the intelligence of tomorrow, today

RevealCX Boost truly enhances the power of RevealCX with AI capabilities. With the use of voice-transcription technology and machine learning, Boost highlights the 100% of the areas to improve for a better customer experience.

The numbers speak for themselves:


As accurate as your Quality Analysts.


More customer transactions measured.


The number of words we’ve transcribed for clients.

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Transcription and AI at its core.

Intelligent transcription technology converts the audio of a speech recording into digital text, using machine learning algorithms to decipher data and turn it into insights. This allows companies to harness the full potential of their recorded content – without the hassle of manual processing. We provide companies with the capabilities to drive customer experience.

Because the customer is the most important asset to a company.

AI At Its Core

Go past sentiment analysis, and deeply analyze your calls.

The AI component makes it easy to find particular words and patterns for business-critical analysis – to address issues before they turn into trouble. With RevealCX Boost companies can now detect certain values within the data at a granular level: How often are competitors mentioned? How often are certain products mentioned? What products are generally not working? What kind of requests occur the most? Which agent characteristics negatively trigger customers?

Whatever the answers you are looking for to increase agent performance, customer satisfaction, and conversion rates, RevealCX Boost will help you get there.

Read between the lines

Sentiment Analysis and Transcription Available

It can determine whether a call-in customer is positive, negative, or neutral, based on how they speak. The sentiment analysis extracts subjective information and provides valuable information about what’s hiding behind the words – such as pauses and breaks, pace, agitation, and intonation.

Customer service staff don’t always get the verbal recognition and appreciation they deserve. The sentiment analysis can identify happy customers by their tone and temperament.

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