A Smart Workflow Automation Platform for Better Customer Service
and Stronger Results

Save valuable time, effort, and money with eTray, an intuitive workflow management platform which enables your customer service centers to increase their daily performance by automating your repetitive routine tasks.

To better deliver that fast and carefree service expected of them.

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How it works

eTray supports, optimizes and automates work processes. It reads and sorts all written inquiries from customers: emails, web forms, scanned documents, SMS, fax, and social media.

Based on keyword recognition and customer information, eTray automatically distributes inquiries to the relevant agents.            It instantly provides them with relevant data about a customer, such as financial information, purchase history, and recent inquiries, and comes up with suggested answers – ensuring fast and correct handling.

We augment the human touch. And everyone wins.

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It’s all conveniently stored in one place

eTray logs and stores all data from all customer interactions in just one place and makes everything easily accessible. Working in just one platform is a huge cost-saver as it reduces complexity. It not only allows for a much more efficient quality management, it also enables easy training and onboarding.

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Create customer experiences by design

The nicest part? With eTray, companies can take full ownership of the customer journey and design it as they want it to be. Careful CX design is vital to create smooth company-customer interactions.

Good for the customer, good for the bottom line.

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If you have a question, we’re here to help

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