The Best CX Measurement:
Because customers expect superior service

Customer satisfaction goes beyond the products you offer, it’s the service provided before, during and after a purchase. Consumers of today have zero tolerance for bad service. RevealCX enables a fast, convenient customer experience by measuring what matters most to customers and identifying actionable data that improves their experience.

Digitally, automatically, intelligently.

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How it works

It begins with an easily deployable, well-designed form. RevealCX form structure enables organization-specific, unlimited layers of causal factor errors that makes it easy to deploy and efficiently monitor agents. Based on a best-practices form structure, RevealCX aggregates the data, creates workflows for results-oriented coaching, and provides robust reporting that gives an accurate view of performance.

Accurate measurements provide the greatest ROI, RevealCX makes it possible.

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Consistency is key

Consistency ensures the data you’re taking action on has integrity to drive decisions about the organization’s people and process capabilities. To achieve consistency among those monitoring transactions, effective calibration is vital. Our automated calibration module makes this easy by not only efficiently managing the process, but by also providing real-time quantitative session reports that highlight how accurately and consistently evaluators are scoring.

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The power of data

Grease isn't the word. Data is. The right data can unlock a wealth of insights into business and customer performance.

RevealCX provides AI and accurately measured data, optimizing what the two can achieve together. It is designed and built by on-the-ground experts with knee-deep experience in quality pitfalls and possibilities. And this is a unique feature that distinguishes RevealCX from similar products. RevealCX packs more punch per dollar than anything out there.

*Applying AI capabilities to RevealCX requires RevealCX Boost add-on product.

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Win like the sports pros

Why do athletes monitor their performance? To pinpoint the one step that separates the best from the second best. To drive
behavior modification, optimize performance, and prevent injuries.

By monitoring and measuring customer interactions at the
actionable level, companies can easily identify problems and improve the customer experience and business performance across the entire organization.

It’s like training agents to become CX athletes. But without the sweat.

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Approved Technology Provider by COPC Inc.

RevealCX is proud to be the only Quality Monitoring platform in COPC Inc.'s Approved Technology Provider (ATP) Program.

With this distinction, RevealCX has demonstrated the ability to help CX operations meet the best practices in the COPC CX Standards rigorous requirements.

Want to know more about COPC Inc. and their investment in good CX management?

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