CX Voice

The Voice of the Customer

– Directly into your digital ears

An AI-powered speech recognition platform with real-time capabilities that converts phone conversations into text in real-time, providing valuable insights into all customer inquiries.

Actionable insights

Data analysis goes beyond identifying problems and scoring calls, it drives action and CRM strategies, leading to improved customer service and employee performance.

Improve customer service

AI integrations such as intelligent virtual assistant or voice bots, can automate customer inquiries and offer personalized 24/7 service, enhancing customer experiences.

Identify opportunities

Converting countless hours of conversations into valuable data is essential to establish a strong foundation for success and opportunities for future growth.

call recording and transcription

Word Spotting

Calls are recorded, converted to text and saved as data. The software identifies predefined words within those calls, tailored to align with your company’s unique requirements and preferences.

  • Quantification of Topics
  • Employee Training
  • Campaign Follow-up

transform into data


Integrating the data into existing IT infrastructure, such as CRM, enables identification of revenue-related calls and early detection of general customer issues to avoid costly repeated calls.

  • Reason for call
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Sales opportunities
  • Trends and Patterns

Contextual Guidance and Compliance Support

Call Assistant

Calls are converted to text in real time, assisting agents in addressing emerging topics during a conversation. When a product or phrase is mentioned, a checklist is displayed on the screen to guide employees based on the current content of the conversation, such as

  • Sales assistance
  • CRM lookup
  • Product descriptions
  • Price lists
  • Checklists

This functionality also ensures adherence to regulatory standards and ongoing analysis of sentiment to aid agents in steering the conversation appropriately.

CX Voice Biometrics

Combines voice biometrics with speech recognition technology and verifies the speaker’s identity through the analysis of voice characteristics.

  • Increased security level
  • More efficient communication

CX Voice IVR

Utilizes AI to automate and enhance call steering by allowing users to verbally state their reason for calling, converting speech to text, interpreting the text and generating voice feedback.

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