Accurate measurements made possible with RevealCX

We asked Judi Bolden, VP, Global Support Groups & Vendor Management at Groupon, to tell us how RevealCX helped them input best practice QA monitoring and how it provided them with actionable data management at their global online marketplace company.

About the challenge

Like any good company, Groupon cares a great deal about their customers and merchants and the experience they have when they reach out for support. Providing a good, consistent customer experience can be challenging for any company working with multiple queue types, many languages to conduct support in, and an ever-increasing need to improve what you do.

Groupon realized they needed a different tool than what they were using to be able to input best practice monitoring and extract data frequently and with certainty. They needed an alternative solution allowing them to identify what to work on in order to make improvements and improve customer satisfaction, revenue, and ultimately profits.

The result

“…it’s allowed our Quality group to know they have the best tool possible, our operational managers to know what to work on operationally, and our customer experience and merchant groups to see which policies are working and which ones are causing a bigger failure point to resolution than we find acceptable…” says Judi Bolden

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