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CX automation through generative AI

Personalized interactions, efficient operations, and seamless customer experiences are now within reach. Anticipate customer needs, offer proactive assistance, and elevate your CX to new heights.

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Our products are carefully developed to add even more intelligence and efficiency to your customer service operations. Enable your customer service team to make data-driven decisions and offer customers a better service.

RevealCX Boost

The brain at the center of your CX team, RevealCX Boost will enhance the benefits of RevealCX with AI capabilities. Using voice-transcription technology and machine learning to analyze every single customer touchpoint. It enables end-to-end customer journey measurements and cross-channel analysis to highlight areas to improve for better customer experience.


RevealCX is our quality monitoring platform to improve customer interactions and experiences using intelligent data management and analysis.


CX-G is a generative AI workflow automation solution that will transform your customer service operations.

CX-G actively engages with customers, generates tailored responses and effortlessly carries out the workload from beginning to end, ensuring an unparalleled customer experience like never before.

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